I've come to the conclusion 

I've come to the conclusion

that it's not age that makes us old, it's our children. But how is it that on the same token that they keep us young at heart?

The only "war wound" that seemed to bother me when I was younger was a knee injury I had from a car accident. It bothered me when it got cold outside and sometimes while playing sports. But now, after getting pg with Ty, I started falling apart. I mean, I can't sleep on my back because it starts to bother me after only a few minutes, I can't sleep on my stomach because it hurts my neck, therefore, I am left to sleep on my sides, which means rotating back and forth all night because my shoulders hurt from years of sleeping on them. I sit for too long and I get up hunched over and limping because it takes a minute to straighten out my back and because my knees are now BOTH hurting.

By 10 o'clock I'm so tired when it was till 4 o'clock am that I used to get home! Once the kids are tucked in bed I have so much stuff to do but all I WANT to do is sit on the couch for 30 minutes without having to get up to get someone a cup of water, a snack or get someone dressed. I love doing these things all day but come night time, I am exhausted! I've got more grey hairs then clean laundry and more just keep coming in. I think all the grey hairs from Johnny Carson's head have decided to have a family reunion on my head! The bags under my eyes are now evidence of not enough sleep, not because I choose to stay up late but because I had to and all the while I wake so tired and baggy eyed only to walk into my children's rooms in the early morning and be greeted with the sunniest smile. Now how could anyone ever say the lack of sleep and old knees and grey hairs aren't worth just that one smile? If it was the only smile I got for the rest of my life, it was all worth it.

AND now for the finale, the coolest reasons for having children.....

drumroll please,

1. So you can go see children's movies without looking weird or like a pervert

2. You have an excuse to keep sweets in the house again

3. You have someone to play Operation, Go fish and Yahtzee with

4. You can tell knock knock jokes without feeling silly

5. You have more artwork to decorate your refridgerator with

6. You get to have birthday parties with pinatas

7. You get to go to cool places like Chucky Cheese

8. You have something to blame that "stubborn belly fat" on ;-)

9. You can carry around a camera 24/7 without looking like a tourist (and no, fanny packs are NOT COOL even when you are a mom, for that matter neither are "mom jeans". You know what I'm talking about....the kind that start right under your rib cage, have huge back pockets that are really far apart and emphasize the "stubborn belly fat"?? Ah, now I have most of you smiling saying, "oh yeah, I used to have a pair, or two, of those! And if you still do, give them away! That is, if anyone will take them.)

10. Getting to read Dr Suess books all over again

Rhobin (aka, proud mommy)

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