This is going a little overboard 

This is going a little overboard

Yesterday I was going to work out and I couldn't get Ava to put regular clothes on. Guess what I had to take her to the gym wearing?? A dress up princess dress complete with princess shoes and sunglasses. I figure some battles just aren't worth the fight and she was going to play anyhow so what the heck. After I worked out I went to the store. While I picked her up to get a drink of water and I guess the strain was a bit too much and she tooted. Then as I am walking passed the long lines of people to get a basket she is yelling, "mommy, I pooted" over and over and I was laughing so hard that I couldn't get her to stop. Everyone in line was cracking up. I mean here is this little bity girl walking around in her princess dress and play shoes and now a princess wand yelling, "Mommy, I pooted" so loud that even in a crowded store you could hear her very clearly. This girl is going to be the death of me. I really could have used one of those t-shirts that said, "Who is this child and why is she calling me Mommy?". Now, if I could only get the dress off of her so I can wash it. Maybe we need to seek medical attention for this condition.

Our next purchase needs to be stock in the Disney Princess line.

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