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I love my blue vomit rhobincadena 05/12/2006
Mom and Tyler's day rhobincadena 05/03/2006
Someone wanna tell me where the Easter Bunny lives year round? rhobincadena 04/24/2006
Today 7 years ago rhobincadena 04/12/2006
The first step is admitting you have a problem rhobincadena 04/05/2006
Tony kicks butt! rhobincadena 03/28/2006
These days rhobincadena 03/22/2006
This is going a little overboard rhobincadena 03/08/2006
I love you Babe rhobincadena 03/06/2006
I've come to the conclusion rhobincadena 02/15/2006
Is my girl obsessed with the Disney Princesses or what? rhobincadena 02/14/2006
update on the princess bed saga and more rhobincadena 02/08/2006
The princess needed artwork to coordinate with her bedding rhobincadena 02/06/2006
Our first big night rhobincadena 02/04/2006
Movin on up rhobincadena 02/03/2006
A sad, sad day rhobincadena 01/27/2006
Things have been quiet around here rhobincadena 01/25/2006
My BIG girl!!!! rhobincadena 01/05/2006
The past 2 years rhobincadena 12/22/2005
My baby is two today rhobincadena 12/16/2005
Dear Chloe, rhobincadena 12/14/2005
Happy Holidays rhobincadena 12/13/2005
Pictures from my vacation rhobincadena 11/18/2005
I may be biased but isn't he the most gorgeous boy? rhobincadena 11/18/2005
A big hug to all of you rhobincadena 11/17/2005
Finally, the birthday pictures are up rhobincadena 10/31/2005
Birthday parties galore rhobincadena 10/20/2005
Happy Birthday my sweet FIVE year old! rhobincadena 10/12/2005
October 6 rhobincadena 10/07/2005
I guess Sarah and Ty broke up rhobincadena 10/05/2005
Everyone go out for dinner on October 5th! rhobincadena 10/01/2005
Happy Birthday Baby rhobincadena 10/01/2005
Finding true happiness is finding your true self rhobincadena 09/26/2005
Govel is back rhobincadena 09/19/2005
A day at the shelter rhobincadena 09/14/2005
Sept 13, 1 year ago today rhobincadena 09/13/2005
Crummy day rhobincadena 09/08/2005
Katrina rhobincadena 09/07/2005
Well, at least he's not the bully rhobincadena 09/07/2005
Time outs proven to be a success, for now anyway rhobincadena 08/25/2005
Another first rhobincadena 08/24/2005
I love you Mom rhobincadena 08/17/2005
Ty's first day of school rhobincadena 08/16/2005
South Padre update soon on its way rhobincadena 08/12/2005
Curiosity didn't kill the cat, it drove the mommy crazy! rhobincadena 07/29/2005
Calling all computer saavy experts rhobincadena 07/19/2005
Diet Day 3 rhobincadena 07/15/2005
Scooby Doo! rhobincadena 07/15/2005
Diet Day 1 rhobincadena 07/13/2005
A few more words rhobincadena 07/12/2005
Ava has a boyfriend! rhobincadena 07/10/2005
OK, now that's just creepy rhobincadena 07/06/2005
No thank you, I'll pass rhobincadena 07/01/2005
going to start posting Ava's new words with every post rhobincadena 06/28/2005
This weekend and more words rhobincadena 06/28/2005
Sports fanatics rhobincadena 06/14/2005
Florida pics rhobincadena 06/14/2005
Big news in the Cadena House! rhobincadena 06/11/2005
Mommy VS Spider Man and the Easter Bunny rhobincadena 06/04/2005
We are home! rhobincadena 06/01/2005
I never want to hear the words trowel, mortar, grout, spacers or tile again rhobincadena 05/13/2005
In memory rhobincadena 05/10/2005
Gloria and anyone else who is wondering rhobincadena 05/09/2005
Today I hung my head in sorrow rhobincadena 05/08/2005
Your memory still fills me rhobincadena 05/07/2005
More pictures rhobincadena 04/30/2005
Long over due post rhobincadena 04/27/2005
Look Mommy, I drew Kurt! rhobincadena 04/25/2005
Relief! rhobincadena 04/21/2005
This would be a reason to change hosts rhobincadena 04/20/2005
Catch up post rhobincadena 04/20/2005
Baby, only 1 month to go! rhobincadena 04/14/2005
Mikey rhobincadena 04/12/2005
This post is for Gloria and Kurt rhobincadena 04/12/2005
All star player! rhobincadena 04/12/2005
We won! rhobincadena 04/06/2005
I am starting a foundation, MOEA rhobincadena 04/01/2005
She's too judgemental rhobincadena 03/31/2005
Easter fun rhobincadena 03/30/2005
First game rhobincadena 03/30/2005
He's too young to move out rhobincadena 03/29/2005
He's a pro rhobincadena 03/24/2005
Please clarify for me rhobincadena 03/22/2005
A busy day rhobincadena 03/24/2005
More pics rhobincadena 03/21/2005
Game time rhobincadena 03/20/2005
Some major news with the Ramons and the little ones count too rhobincadena 03/15/2005
Soccer season has begun rhobincadena 03/15/2005
Confession time! rhobincadena 03/09/2005
4 more days!!!!!!!! rhobincadena 03/08/2005
The pictures I promised rhobincadena 03/04/2005
Really rough week rhobincadena 03/02/2005
So much for the college fund stash rhobincadena 02/23/2005
Yep, I have the cutest kids, I MAY be biased though rhobincadena 02/23/2005
1 year old girls vs 4 year old boys rhobincadena 02/18/2005
New faces rhobincadena 02/12/2005
My little hams rhobincadena 02/07/2005
This is not my child, he has NO fashion sense rhobincadena 02/06/2005
The old is in rhobincadena 02/04/2005
Alyssa comes to visit rhobincadena 02/02/2005

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