The first step is admitting you have a problem 

The first step is admitting you have a problem

And I have TWO! Ebay and scrapbooking. We've even started a moms group that gets together on Fridays to do scrapbooking! I've become the mom that I used to make fun of. And the only reason I am addicted to ebay is because I am buying stuff for scrapbooking. So all this free time I DON'T have, well it's spent on online auctions or coming up with ideas for scrapbooking or scrapbooking itself. Where do you ask that I do my scrapbooking? Well, there was this permanent fixture in my kitchen called a counter that I used to do useful things on, like cooking but not anymore. Now about 3/4 of my kitchen counters are occupied by scrapbooking stuff. Who needs to cook anyway when there are microwaves? I'm totally joking, I have left about 1/4 of counter space to chop veggies and use my forman grill and blender. Now, if these trivial things like taking showers and getting dressed every day would stop interfering wth my need to scrapbook. Sigh.

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