Today 7 years ago 

Today 7 years ago

My life changed forever. My nieveness and part of my innocence was taken that day. It was today 7 years ago that I made a long trip back from McAllen and went home and fell asleep. Around 11pm I heard my roommate come in, slamming the door behind her and her heavy and quick footsteps come up our stairway. I was annoyed with her, why was she so loud? And why was she coming upstairs to wake me? She knew I was asleep. My door opened and my bed sank down as she sat down on it. "Susan is dead". "What?", I said? "Susan and Rachel were murdered". I couldn't believe what I was hearing and after those words were said I don't remember much else other than asking "why" and "by who". Rachel was a sweet girl but I knew Susan better. In fact it was on that trip to McAllen that I had asked her to go with me. I was dropping her off at that same apartment only about a week earlier, the same apartment where they lost thier lives. But we had grown a little distant recently. She and Rachel had started hanging out and doing somethings I would rather have stayed away from. From that day on, my doors were always locked, I never wanted to be home alone, I feared the dark. My security was taken away from me.

Susan had 2 small children and was divorcing her ex-husband. We had no idea who did it for about a month. We walked around wondering if it was someone we know or could have come in contact with. But 2 guys were found using their credit cards, guys that were "friends of thiers", People they trusted to let into thier house that night, the night of April 9th, 1999, only to be first injected with tilex to try and sedate them. Thier intent was burglary to support thier drug habit but once they saw the tilex wasn't working they left there being murderers.

I think about the girls all the time, if not daily. How they sat alone in that apartment for 3 days until anyone realized they were missing. How they fought to try and live. How young they were. And how easily I could have been there with them. I feel a bit selfish for saying that but reality is that it is very frightening. It's been a few years and I'm sure we would have parted ways eventually and become different people, I know I am but it would be so much easier to accept if it was just that, a seperation by choice.

The 2 guys that killed them were convicted. Clifford Kimmel sits on death row and Dereck Murphy got life in prison.

I'm going to try to make it out to see Susan today so maybe I'll have some pics to share next time I post. Please keep thier family and friends, especially Susan's children in your prayers.


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